There are SO many ways to hold a devotional, the most important thing is to make it your own, do what is comfortable and works for you and your participants. But if you are not sure what to do, or want to try something new, check out some of these great ideas below along with compilations of quotes around specific themes. 


Yoga Devotionals​

When Houston Baha’is began offering a weekly devotional gathering that incorporates practices of yoga, it wasn’t just to give neighbors a way to enjoy fellowship and exercise. READ MORE at

Community Building Devotionals

“I had typed up invitations to give to my neighbors to invite them to a devotional — I called it a prayer gathering — but I was procrastinating. My elderly neighbor, who is now deceased, called me one day. And just before she hung up something told me, ‘Why don’t you say something about the prayer gathering?’ She was so excited. She said, ‘Just down my alley. When are you going to start?’ So I thought, ‘OK.’ She gave me the impetus to go out and start inviting my neighbors to the prayer gathering.” READ MORE at

Using Online Tools to Cultivate Devotionals

“With the support and suggestions of our ABM, I have started a WhatsApp Devotional Group to expand and sustain family devotionals. Since I have children who attend both a children’s class and a JY group in Kirkland, I reached out to see if any of those families would be interested in encouraging each other to continue to develop and expand our family devotionals through this WhatsApp group. Many families were interested! READ MORE on our Reflections page


“8 Creative Ideas For Your Next Devotional Gathering”

There is no set format or formula for running a devotional, and they run the gamut from organized public events through to informal sharing of prayers and readings around a coffee table. And since there is no particular way that a devotional should be held, it’s open for creativity and inventiveness!

  1. Add a visual slideshow for accompaniment
  2. Give attendees a mememto
  3. Live music performances
  4. Find a special venue
  5. Run a guided meditation
  6. Explore art and devotions
  7. Create an experience
  8. Theme the gathering

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